Unit 4 - Bedford Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3LJ
01730 264484
TYM T353
A MULTI-TASKING MIRACLE The T353 compact utility tractor is the ideal choice where multi-tasking is an absolute must. It features a robust 35hp 4-cylinder, liquid cooled Mitsubishi engine, dual element air cleaner, excellent turning radius, independent PTO and enough built-in weight to offer maximum traction whether it’s in the field, around the estate or on the road. And with easy- to-use controls, it makes switching from one task to another a walk in the park for any operator. Available either in a manual or hydrostatic transmission, the T353 is truly a multi-tasking marvel with a huge range of features, including: Heavy duty 4WD front axle - Power steering offers excellent turning radius - Independent rear and mid PTO selection allowing for use of various accessories (mid PTO is only available on the HST model), including mid-mounted tower - Rear spool valve fitted as standard. Options + Accessories Safety Cabin - Front Loader - Backhoe - Mid Mounted Mower - Front Weight Kit - Rear Counter Balance
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